Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weight Watchers @ Work: First Meeting

Yesterday, I went to my first ever Weight Watchers meeting. I have followed the Weight Watchers program (though I've never officially joined or attended a meeting) for the past 3 years. Now, I think I've mentioned before, I'm not extremely overweight. I've always been stuck in the middle and for the past 3 years have been toward the lower end of the middle. (Go me!) However, I do still want to lose 10% of my body weight and think that attending a Weight Watchers @ Work meeting is a good way to hold myself accountable for what I eat and it's a proven fact that the group atmosphere helps people lose weight. So, I was excited for the big meeting and ready to learn a couple of new ways to kick it up a notch and get those last lbs off.

Let me tell you what I learned: (INSERT AWKWARD SILENCE HERE)...

Ok so obviously, I didn't go into the meeting expecting to have some kind of eye-opening moment about eating and looking at food differently and all of that good stuff. I already know that eating a banana as a snack is much better for you than eating a nice slice of chocolate cake. I already know that lots of liquids (like little juice bottles) often have 2.5 servings per bottle and are empty calories. Anyway, you get the point.

The first thing we did was weigh in. I was not too nervous to do this, since my I check my weight once (ok sometimes multiple) times a day on my scale at home. So, when it was my turn to get on the scale, I took off my fabulous boots and chunky cardigan sweater and prepared to step on up. (I had previously considered adopting some kind of game play strategy and trying to get the highest number possible by wearing heavy clothes and drinking tons and tons of water right before the weigh in so that I could "lose" something at the next meeting, but decided against it at the last minute in an attempt to start off thinking positively). So, I step on the scale and listen as Meg, the weigh in lady gives me the news. This is when I realized a few things:

1. My scale at home is waaaay better than this official Weight Watchers scale. I came to this realization because my scale at home had a lower number than the one at the meeting and is therefore nicer and far superior.

2. Obviously, Meg is a liar. Since the inferior Weight Watchers scale doesn't have a display, the only person who sees the number is this Meg character. So, she can pretty much make the number whatever she feels like making it. I think Meg and Weight Watchers maybe pad the first week's number a bit. That way, you feel down on yourself and think, "Thank God I joined Weight Watchers!" Then, when you go back the second week, you feel like you've really lost something.

3. Meg should weigh in too and tell all of us her number. I mean, it's only fair...

Aside from the absolutely rude scale and Meg's little problem with telling the truth, I was fine with my number. I wasn't shocked, though it was clear lots of my colleagues were, judging by the pale, "I just saw a ghost" look plastered across their faces when they came back in the room. The meeting continued as everyone figured out their point allotments and how to use the point finder and all of those nuts and bolts type things.

Our next meeting is in 2 weeks, since we obviously cannot meet on Thanksgiving because I'll be shoving stuffing and pie in my face. (Ok, that's not the only reason but it does matter...) Though I didn't technically learn anything yesterday, I do feel a renewed spirit today to lose. I intend to stick with this (except on Thanksgiving and the day immediately after Thanksgiving because I refuse to deny myself one serving of leftovers).

On that note, I am a firm believer in balance and don't think people should deprive themselves on special occasions so my next post will be dedicated to making it through Thanksgiving without making yourself miserable or popping the button on your pants. Coming soon...

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