Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolution Makeover

Maybe my resolution should be to blog more. My last post was December 11. I'm so sorry it's been so long everyone, but I've been so busy working out and eating right, I just haven't had the time. Oh wait. No. That's a big fat (like my butt after the past few weeks) LIE. Really, I haven't written because of I had some time off from work and therefore did not sit at the computer all day thinking of blog posts instead of doing work things and because of a few little things called Christmas and New Year's.

Anywaaaay, it's that time of year again. The time of year where all of the previously lazy people who over-ate and sat around in November and December decide they want to be fit and healthy and start going to the gym. It's resolution time people. Now, I'm all for everyone out there getting healthy and all of that good stuff. But, what I'm not all for is annoying people crowding me at my gyms. This past week alone, I've had to tack on an extra 15 minutes to my gym time to guarantee a spot in my classes. I have to arrive earlier for spin to make sure I get a bike. I have to wait in line for treadmills. And, I have to get to kickboxing class extra early to make sure I get to stand in my spot (I always stand in the same one and I like it that way). But enough complaining...

Chances are, you've made a resolution or two. Even if you haven't officially resolved to do something, it's hard not to let the new year, new you/goals mentality creep into your mind. The new year is like a birthday. Every year, people think of things they want to get done at their respective ages, think about where they are in life, where they want to be in life and where they thought they would be by now. For example, in 2010, I turn 26. A few years ago, did I think I would be living home with my parents? No. Did I think I'd be engaged? Secretly yes. (To who, not quite sure but whatevs. Details can be filled in later). Did I think I would be further in my career and bringing in the big bucks. Yes and yes. Anyway, you get the point. Whether or not you make a resolution formally or not, over the past few weeks you likely have thought about goals in life and things you want to accomplish/change.

Because I know from experience (my own failures at resolutions combined with the decreased crazed lazies at the gym by Feb. 1) and there are tons of real actual statistics out there about this (google it if you don't believe me), lots and lots of people FAIL at their resolutions and give up by the end of the month, if not sooner. So, how do you make a resolution and keep it? Since this blog is called healthygirltips and is focused on things like diet and exercise rather than things like quitting smoking (though you should if you smoke because that is related to health too!), I am going to gear my advice on success to resolutions involving weight loss/healthy eating/exercise etc. I've decided to give your generic weight loss resolution and healthygirl makeover. Here you go:

Original Resolution: "I resolve to eat only healthy foods and go to the gym every single day."

Not a good idea on so many levels. Whether or not you ate well and went to the gym before your resolution is not at all relevant. Only eating healthy foods and never allowing yourself a little cheat will eventually backfire and you'll likely fail way before February. And, as far as going to the gym everyday goes, this probably isn't realistic either. Is it good to go the gym and workout? Obvi. Are there days when no matter what you do, you just cannot squeeze the gym in? Of course.

Resolution Makeover: "I resolve to make smarter decisions when eating", splurge only in special situations and make a point to workout X minutes more than I do now."

Clearly, this is a more realistic approach to the same resolution. Why? Well, first of all, there's a chance you might actually be able to stick to it. Just saying it in a way where you are allowing for a little slack is helpful. By resolving to make smarter decisions or splurging only in special cases, you are pledging to adopt a new lifestyle, not a week or two extreme fix. As usual, it's all about balance and moderation. And, if you resolve to up your workout by increasing either the amount of time you work out in a week or the distance you run or the number of pushups you do, etc. you are more likely to accomplish your goals. That way, if you have one really busy day where you cannot get to the gym, you can work harder on other days. The more specific you are about your goals, the better. It's also best to take it one day, week or month at a time. Sure, a new year means 365 days worth of resolving, but if you break it down and take it one week at a time, your results will add up.

So, besides vowing to blog more, what did I resolve? Well, this year, I'd like to purchase a home or condo, stick to my weight watchers points on all days that end in Y (knowing that I can use flex on special occasions), to manage my money better by eating out less (which will also help with the previous goal), and to be more consistent with adding weight training and toning moves to my cardio. I'd also like to be able to do 25 real pushups. I could really go on forever with things I'd love to do, but I need to go think skinny thoughts before my weight watchers meeting this afternoon. Good luck to everyone with their resolutions--everyone except the people overcrowding my gyms. Just kidding. Sort of.