Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There once was a girl...

Soooooooooooooo. I'm back and if there was an award for world's worst blogger/tweeter, I'd def be in the running for the big win. What happened to me you wonder? What exciting things have happened in my life in the last two months?

Well, not much. Rather than bore you to death, I'll tell you a story:

There once was a girl who joined Weight Watchers and made a promise to herself to remain healthy, and not gain weight over the holidays. This girl even wanted to (GASP) lose some lbs throughout the fattiest time of the whole year. The girl had some extra motivation because was going on a nice tropical vacation in mid-January. Well, the girl worked her butt off, literally! She lost just about 10 lbs and reached her lowest adult weight. She was pumped.

The girl went on vacation and did exactly what she knew she would do--splurged. The girl had made up her mind that she was going to enjoy her vacation and not worry about points etc AT ALL. The girl made it to the gym 3 times over the 8 days, but it didn't matter. All of the eating and drinking caught up to the girl and when she stepped on the scale at home, she had gained 10 lbs in one week. Normal? No. Cool? She definitely did not think so. But, the girl did not regret her vacation or wish she had skipped that yummy frozen drink. The girl decided she deserved her vacation, but was ready to lose what she had gained.

So the girl started back up on her routine. As everyone told her, she lost a few of lbs right away. She always had been an avid exerciser so she returned to the gym everyday and started tracking her points again. But the girl fell back into old patterns. She had none of the momentum she had built up over December. Worst of all, the girl did what she always did: just enough to maintain. She ate great Monday-Friday and then splurged a bit on the weekends. She didn't go off the deep end, but she was definitely not in losing mode.

Every morning the girl stepped on the scale and the number that she saw would make or break her mood. Some weeks, she'd go down a lb or two and feel like she was back in it, only to see the scale rise again in the following days. Some days, the girl felt mad. She thought she was doing good and should see some results. Some days, the girl felt sad. She had been so happy with her progress and now it was all ruined. Some days, the girl felt inspired. She would think, today's the day she would commit to losing and she felt like she could do this! Some days, the girl felt justified. She thought, at least she isn't gaining any weight. Maybe she'd rather be 5-7lbs heavier and enjoy life a little more. It wasn't like she wasn't exercising and it wasn't it was a crime to eat a dessert or nachos once in a while.

Two months later, the girl is sick of her excuses and even though she knows she is still in a good place, she wants to be in a better, lighter place. So she decided to go back to her blogging, which made her feel accountable and made her feel like others out there were like the girl. The girl no longer has Weight Watchers at Work, but a group of her colleagues are still going to meet to weekly and weigh in.

The girl missed all of her blogging and twitter friends. The girl is planning to do a much better job and hopes all of her friends have had more luck than she has in the past 2 months.

The girl worked very hard and by the time she turned 26 in May, the girl had lost 15 lbs. She looked much better in her summer clothes this way and also she got everything she ever wanted in life, including a house, a promotion and hair like a Kardashian.

The end.

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